About me 

My name is Anna-Lena Richter and I am a Game Designer/Narrative Designer.
In July 2019 I received my BA in Digital Games at the Cologne Game Lab which is part of the TH Cologne. There I specialized in Game Design.
I have always loved stories. From an early age on I enjoyed crafting a story and explored the creative possibilities of the narrative medium. I find creating complex characters and an exciting, unpredictable storyline a fascinating task. And it has always been important to me to be actively involved in the story –this is how I discovered gaming.
Games with a strong, multi-layered storyline were the ones which had the greatest impact on me, so it was only natural to try and combine my love for writing stories and my love for games in a career.
Fortunately, the Cologne Game Lab gave me the chance to do just that. 
I love writing about serious topics which trigger emotions. Stories have the unique ability to provoke, to impact world views and the lives of people in a profound way. I would love to contribute to this amazing process.